The basis for my training starts with a question...

How does your horse really feel?


Does he feel Safe?

Does he Understand?


Does he feel Motivated?


"At the beginning of the training, we train without equipment so we can see how the horse really feels about something. Is he curious or frightened? Then at the horse's pace we can make them feel good about things......... 
....... when in a training setting, for me it's about that the horse is totally tuned in to you because you are the good guy and they know you have their back"

"I just wanted to thank you so much for helping with Harry. He's been a different horse here in Portugal, so easy for me and he's jumping unbelievable now - he's so relaxed as well!
Can't thank you enough!"

"It is quite a big thing for us to let one of our horses leave the yard. But I can honestly say we felt very much at ease. We would 100% recommend Connie and cannot thank her enough for all her help and continued support."

Chloe Reynolds  Showjumper

Alex Bragg
International Event Rider

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