We really want horses to feel comfortable in the world they live in.
By giving them a broad grounding with positive reinforcement we build trust to take on the challenges we encounter together. 

Motivating horses through their natural emotions rather than instinctive avoidance of the rider. 

“I can't believe it took me to this stage in my career to learn how powerful positive reinforcement can be with training horses.
Since adopting Connie's methods problematic horses in our yard have become much
more rewarding to train."

“Connie has that natural empathy with all horses that ensures they bond with her straight away ...”

“I have found Connie's understanding and ability
to get inside of a mixed-up equine's brain and fundamentally re-wire it to work with you is second to none. She has worked on several of our horses and
I cannot recommend her highly enough"

Chris Burton,
Olympic Event Rider and International Showjumper 

Eric Winter
Badminton Horse Trials Designer 

Jane Holderness-Roddam,
BE Accredited Trainer and
Olympic Team Gold Medallist

The 10 Week Online Coaching Program 

Next Date:  January 2024

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